John Ambeliotis
Software Engineer - Musician - Inventor - Futurist - Trekkie



Let me introduce myself. My name is John Ambeliotis. I was born in Athens/Greece on March 17th 1976 and by then I live in Peristeri city. My father is Dimitris (Jim) Ambeliotis, my mother Helen Ambelioti and my younger sister Marianthi Ambelioti. My father bought me my first computer, an Amstrad CPC-464, in 1986 or '87 if I remember correctly. It was the first computer I'd own before I enter the PC era, and it was coming with a huge book of BASIC. Even back then I wasn't attracted by playing games, contrarily I was fascinated by software, struggling to write my own piece of it, and figure out how things works.

I graduated in 1993 from the 4th Technical High School of Athens in the field of "Graphic Arts" and after my military liabilities (June 1995 - January 1997) I study "Software Engineering" for two years in the private educational center of EthnoDATA. I am familiar with a bunch of programming languages. I started my career with Visual Basic, but at this time I am a .NET developer (Visual Studio, Monodevelop) with C# as a major tool. I enjoy programming in Java and C++ as well. In my spare time (?) I prefer to watch movies, play and create music, cycling, snowboarding and traveling.

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